Zebra Tales

Semira '26

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina 
Groton activities: Track, choir 
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I was most surprised by the impact of nightly study hall on my time management, both on and off the Circle. The power of this routine was demonstrated to me during the first day of break following the fall term of Third Form, when I realized I had planned my day around the 8:00-9:45 p.m. block! Despite this, I am grateful for the structure in my lower school year through its ability to keep me focused and productive as I conquered my homework. 
Favorite class: My favorite class on the Circle was third form biology with Mr. Belsky. Although his tests have made many chapel talks, his course still remains my favorite. Mr. Belsky’s ability to explain complicated biological processes is only part of why he is such a popular teacher on campus. The same year he affiliated with my dorm, where you could find him telling witty jokes and answering a variety of questions on topics ranging from osmosis to the Krebs cycle! 
Most memorable Groton moment: My most memorable moment at Groton was the annual Spring Fling competition. On behalf of my dorm (Bannard), Lauren '26 and I participated in the wheelbarrow section of the relay race. Despite my collapse in the middle, Lauren’s encouraging chants and the proficiency of Kayla '26 and Frankie '26 at the three-legged race earned us a win. After the contests, my friends and I used tarp from a previous game as a slip and slide, which was a perfect end to the day. 
Favorite Dining Hall food: Ramen
Favorite place to study: The “bubbles”

List of 5 news stories.

  • Sheena (my sister) and me

    Winter F(lu)ormal

    The week of winter formal, this emaciating cat burglar struck again.
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  • The Hortatory Subjunctive & Hornets

    Walking into my Latin 2.5 test on Wednesday, I was truly in for a big surprise.
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  • My roommate, Manon (not pictured, taking the photo) and I picking up the wings we ordered during the fifteen!

    15 minutes of freedom!!

    Upon my return to Groton as a Fourth Former, I was greeted with a new freedom: ‘the fifteen.’ The fifteen is a moniker for the 15 minutes between study hall and check in for Upper Schoolers. Typically, you could find most Fourth Formers, and a few other upper schoolers, sitting in the darkened expanse of the dining hall.
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  • Nigerian Weddings and Van Gogh

    The preparations for my family's trip to Chicago began weeks prior to the 3 a.m. flight into the O’Hare airport. Love was in the air as my cousin, David, was getting married!
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  • Schools Out! . . . Kind of

    This summer I had big plans: one month of 180 minutes of chemistry every single day. Groton’s GRACE program stands for ‘GRoton Accelerate Challenge Enrich’, it is intended as an opportunity for students to bridge the gap between their middle school education and Groton’s expectations. The program offers a diverse selection of classes, ranging from supplemental to full ‘year long’ courses, both separated by ‘A’s’, light classes, and ‘B's’, heavier.
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