家乡: 纽约市
易胜博app安卓下载活动: The Circle Voice, Current Events Club, Groton Feminists, Debate Society, varsity tennis, Poetry Club
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: When I first arrived at Groton, I expected to become friends solely with other members of my form. However, I was quickly woven into a community with people from various forms and backgrounds. I was surprised by the interconnectedness of Groton and was relieved that I was part of a school that truly emphasized this core value.
最喜欢的课程: 全球近代史. This class altered my perspective on how I view the world and taught me how to think about history through a critical lens. 在整个课程中, I strengthened my writer's toolbox in addition to learning about different people and cultures across many eras. I loved this class because I learned something new every day and was thoroughly engaged by my teachers. The highlight of this class was writing a research paper on a topic of our choice. I chose to look at how Iranian women shaped and transformed the political, 社会, 以及卡扎尔王朝的经济领域.
最难忘的易胜博app安卓下载时刻: During my Fourth Form fall, the JV girls soccer team was fighting for a victory against St. 马克的. We hadn't had the most stellar season, but nevertheless, we were determined to have one last hurrah. In the final seconds, we were tied, but both teams decided that we needed closure. And thus, we had the most nail-biting kick-off I have ever witnessed. 我们一直不分上下,直到圣. 马克罚丢了最后一个点球. 我们只剩一次机会了. After much anticipation, we scored, and our team erupted in joyous shrieking. I'll never forget the energy and excitement we all shared. 
最喜欢的食堂食物: This might be a hot take, but the Thanksgiving-style dinners are one of my favorite Groton meals.
最喜欢学习的地方: My go-to study spot typically depends on my workload and my mood, but I think the wooden tables on the third floor of the Schoolhouse are the most versatile study locations. They can function as both quiet spots where you can work independently and collaborative spaces to engage in discussions and work on group projects.


  • Ho's dorm performing during Groton's lip-sync battle

    Magic in the Air: Ho's Dorm's 24K Performance

    作为精神周的先驱, 易胜博app安卓下载的宿舍在一场惊心动魄的对决中, 充满勇气的, and entertaining exhibition of each dorm’s talent—a lip-sync battle. When SAC (Student Activities Committee) announced this Saturday night battle in the Forum, 我的宿舍, 何鸿燊的宿舍, 立即开始准备. 我们决心要赢得这场战斗. 于是,我们开始策划一场表演.
  • 我们的文化夜桌!


    几天前,我的导师. Sen-Das and fellow advisee Charlotte ’26 hopped in Ms. Sen-Das’s car and headed to the new Patel Brothers in Nashua, New Hampshire to scavenge for ingredients for Groton's Cultural Night. Charlotte and I had big aspirations for our Iranian table, but we were out of luck in finding a Persian restaurant within a reasonable delivery radius. 所以,我们决定自己做食物. 我们本来希望准备的是印度玉米饼, 传统的波斯炖菜, 和tahdig, 锅巴, 但是由于时间的限制, we reasoned that it would be best to prepare some quick traditional side dishes. 
  • 亚历山大小姐,25岁. Carey (our environmental science teacher), and me with our matching winter sweaters


    The “two weeks”—the fourteen days of school between Thanksgiving and Winter breaks—is something many Groton students cherish and look forward to. This period of time marks the beginning of the winter term and is the peak of winter and holiday festivities at Groton. The primary tradition that takes place during the two weeks is Lessons and Carols; however, there are many other activities that are symbolic of the two weeks. 
  • 合资女子足球队照片(2021年)


    One of my first memories on the Circle is sitting under a tree before my first JV girls soccer practice. 从远处观察, I watched as the other girls laughed and chatted, dribbling a ball around before the coaches gathered us together. I recall how nervous I was as I tried to hide behind my mask (still trapped in the pandemic era), avoiding these strangers who were now my teammates. I had no idea what to expect or what the season would entail. I didn’t know anyone on the team, and I most certainly did not know how to play soccer.
  • 典型的新英格兰秋季活动

    两个星期六前, my friends and I ventured off campus to spend time in the hometown of our friend Raymond '25, 离易胜博app安卓下载30分钟车程. We all had the Saturday afternoon off and decided to plan something to do with our free time. Despite the grey and chilly conditions, we decided to take our afternoon adventure outdoors.
  • 成为一个网球运动员的挑战

    When I was five, my dad took me to a park in 纽约市 and put a racket in my hand. “只要击球,”他说. 我做到了. 从那时起,我对网球的热爱就诞生了. Since I started playing, my aspirations for what I wanted to get out of this sport have changed.
  • 拜访马略卡岛的朋友

    As I stepped off the plane, I was greeted by a sight I had never seen before. My eyes were drawn to the vast mountain ranges blending into the blinding blue sea. As I left the airport, I was greeted by the warmth of the sun. After almost a day of navigating three airports alone, I finally reached my destination. 我最好的朋友住在Sóller, 马略卡岛的一个小镇, 这个夏天, and she had invited me to come and join her adventure. I was beyond excited for the memories ahead of us, and I was eager to learn about a culture I was unfamiliar with and practice my Spanish-speaking skills.